What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.


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Board of Directors


Frances Laughlin (Co-Chair)

Alain Meidinger (Co-Chair) - Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh        

Fokke de Jong (Secretary) 

Peter Loy (Treasurer) - American School of The Hague

Carol Berenbaum - Deutsche Int. Schule Den Haag


Advisory Board


Active members:

Hans Christian Naess (Chairman) - Int. School of Stavanger, Norway

Jeff Buscher - Pacific American School, Taiwan

Peter Carrigan - Sandford Int. School, Ethiopia

Blannie Curtis - American Int. School Lisbon, Portugal

Didem Erpulat - Özel Izmir Amerikan Lisesi, Turkey

Martin Goff - Aiglon College, Switzerland

William Hehir - St. Andrew's College, Ireland

Karin Hoevermann - John F. Kennedy School, Germany

Simon Keable-Elliott - Royal Russell School, United Kingdom

Andrew Newman - John Burroughs School, United States

Cornelia Ohlig - Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

Andrea Parker - Am. School Las Palmas, Spain

Ouriel Reshef - American School of Paris, France

Robert S. Stern 



Emeritus members:

Dennis Boyle-Woods
Anthony Calabrese 

Pamela van Driel 
Martin Kollar Jr

Walter Peterson

John Piggin 
Margaret Taylor
Irwin Stein
David Williams 


Permanent staff


The Hague office (also for MINIMUN, Singapore and Latin America Conference)

Irene Crepin - Managing Director
Tanya Keizer - Conference Manager


Qatar office

Lisa Martin - Director of THIMUN Qatar
Fatima El-Mahdi - Regional Coordinator of THIMUN Qatar

Sakib Mahmood - Conference Specialist